New Signature Series Now Available

We are very proud to announce that we now carry an entire series of full-access (aka frame-less or euro) style in-stock cabinets.

For those who don’t know what full-access style cabinets are, it essentially means the cabinet doesn’t have a face frame. This configuration provides more usable space inside the cabinets. This style was developed in Europe, where it is common even today, to get the most usable space out of the cabinets due to small living spaces.

In the United States today, full access cabinetry is not common and is generally labeled as high-end with a price tag to match. If you walk into any design showroom and ask to see their top-of-the-line cabinets, they will more than likely show you a line of full access cabinets.


Pros of Full-Access Cabinets

  • Each drawer is 1.5″ wider than a cabinet with a face frame.
  • Each door opening is 1.5″ wider than a cabinet with a face frame.
  • Only 1/8″ clearance between doors and drawer fronts presents a cleaner look.
  • Better hardware is used because of the limited clearance.
  • Carcass sides are 3/4″ instead 1/2″.
  • Full-access is known in the industry as top-of-the-line.

Cons of Full-Access Cabinets

  • An experienced cabinet installer has to install them because of the small clearance.
  • They provide a high-end look. If you’re wanting more of a cottage look, these may not be for you.
  • You’ll have to deal with a jealous friend because of your expensive looking cabinets.

About Our Series of Full-Access, In-Stock Cabinets

Don’t let the fact that full-access is known in the industry as high-end and expensive scare you. We offer them at a price that is competitive with frame style cabinets.

We are currently one of the few local companies that carry full-access, in-stock cabinets.

Why settle for average when, for the same price, you could get the best!